Welcome to the HCRA Dive Team website! We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 season!

Head Coach: Lucas Craven

Assistant Coaches: Mason Fristoe and Mary Davis

Parent Representatives: Stacey Hartman



Lucas Craven

Lucas starts his 3rd year as Head Coach this 2019 season. He has 13 years of diving experience, 3 years diving with Richmond Area Diving. Additionally Lucas has been coaching gymnastics for 4 years. His great understanding of how to teach diving and the mechanics of diving is a great benefit to HCRA Dive.

Mason Fristoe

This being Mason’s 3rd year, he has been promoted from Jr Asst Coach to Asst Coach. He has been diving for 8 years with Hungary Creek. With the experience he brings, we are glad to have him on the team.

Mary Davis

Mary has been a long time member of HCRA. She’s participated in diving for 10 years, was on swim team and has done gymnastics for many years. She just completed her freshman year at JMU where she also participated in gymnastics.

Stacey Hartman

Stacey has been apart of Dive Team HCRA for 5 years and is a life long swimmer. She is a ICU pediatric nurse and this will be her 3rd year in the role of parent representative, specifically the Head Parent Rep. Go Stacey!

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